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The website for Ted Laderas, aka The OO-Ray, cellist, composer, and photographer.

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Tiny Fugues out today on Audiobulb

on July 3, 2018

Hello everyone - I’d just like to announce that Tiny Fugues, my follow-up to Empty Orchestra is out now on Audiobulb. It’s a little more acoustic, and a little more symphonic than that album. I hope you enjoy! Many of the tracks are based on improvisations using my Pure Data software called the fuguelooper that converts my ambient improvisations into more rhythmic material, allowing me to change my sounds across octaves and speeds, stretching and compressing my material into unexpected directions.

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Food Reviews from the Apocalypse: MRE Video Reviews

on January 14, 2018

I often go through strange cycles when watching YouTube channels. I like cooking videos, I like travel videos, I like videos about Japan. My latest obsession is MRE Review videos. Why do I find these videos so appealing? They are a nice mix of survivalist mentality and food reviews. I think everyone has post-apocalyptic fantasies, and somehow watching these reviews make me feel like I am a little more in control of my future.

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New Website

on January 7, 2018

Welcome to the new website. I apologize for not updating the blog with any posts, but I have been having a really terrible relationship with the Tumblr version of this site. It’s annoying, hard to update, and frankly slow-loading. I’ve moved the website over to Hugo and hosting it on netlify, which frankly works much better than Tumblr. I’m not importing the Tumblr photos. I will probably clear out that theme but leave those photos up on Tumblr.

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NY Times vs. Cassette Culture

on December 23, 2015

Note: Hey, my letter got published in the NY Times! To the Editor: Though written mostly in jest, I read Rosencrans Baldwin’s piece about “Our Misplaced Nostalgia for Cassette Tapes” as a slap in the face of us small time musicians. Mr. Baldwin clearly does not understand that the cost of manufacturing vinyl and CDs is prohibitive for musicians who sell small numbers of albums. While not ideal, cassettes are easy to manufacture, easy to personalize, and still provide us smaller musicians with a viable way of sharing our music that our fans are willing to purchase.

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