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On Musical Collaboration

The following essay is part of a series about survival skills for artists. Here is the link to the entire series. I love to collaborate. One of the reasons I enjoy playing the cello so much is that it can play many musical roles: lead, rhythm, backup, counterpoint. Having the cello as my instrument forces me to be versatile, and to find my sonic niche in every collaboration I participate in.

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Artists Survival Guide Essays now Creative Commons

I’ve decided to release my Artist’s Survival Guide Essays under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. I feel like they’re more valuable to the community if I let people share them freely. You are free to do what you like with them as long as you attribute me. Please refer to the CC license link above for more info about how to properly attribute me (Ted Laderas,

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On Influences

The following essay is part of a series I am writing on survival skills for artists. Here is the whole series. It’s often said that “good artists borrow, but that great artists steal.” Stealing is a necessary process to making art, but I think it only works when you have a thought process behind it. What you steal should be processed by you such that the influence is unrecognizable on immediate listens.

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