Tesselations (with Marcus Fischer)

marcus fischer

August 28, 2012


Collaboration with Marcus Fischer released on Optic Echo.



  1. belong (06:17)
  2. cold spring (04:49)
  3. bokeh (05:20)
  4. fourier (05:37)
  5. unfold (04:07)
  6. ghost lights (06:49)
  7. tessellate (10:02)


Wajobu Review of Tessellations

Marcus Fischer + The OO-Ray have deftly assembled in their collaborative improvisational work both a cohesive sonic realism, and impressionistic vision with a timeless authenticity.

Textura Review of Tessellations (w/ Marcus Fischer)

Using cello, lap harp, tuning forks, synthesizers, guitar, and percussion as sound sources and analog and digital processing as production means, the two first generated long-form improvisations and then shaped them into the album’s seven settings. In their final form, however, the pieces unfold in a patient and natural manner that makes them seem more like meditative drones delicately shaped in real-time.

Eyebient Review of Tessellations

A few days ago in the evening in Warsaw, I was walking the street late at night and I could hear the sound of crickets. It would not be strange if it were not quite cold for a few days earlier. Someone said, ‘Because in a war at this venue was the ghetto’. I thought: ‘Tessellations’ moves things important, but fortunately only comes close to the border of pathos.