September 1, 2009


Album released on Luvsound.



One Bow to Infinity, liner notes to Magnifications

Of course, Laderas doesn’t play a cello; what he plays is the Oo-Ray, a system of his own invention that places the cello amid a tidy battery of electronic tools that allow him to loop, clip, distort, and, per the title of this collection, magnify the rich overtones of his sound source. His technology doesn’t transform his cello any more than his cello serves his technology; they are partners. There is a soaring quality to “Angostura” that would be impossible to achieve without the digital effects that Laderas employs, but the piece bears no trace of CGI detritus, no green-screen lifelessness, no automated coldness.

Maximalist Ambient Cello MP3

As mediated by Laderas’s bank of technology, the lone cello takes on a kind serene majesty — sustained, rich, formidable.