Empty Orchestra


January 1, 2015

Empty Orchestra Cover Empty Orchestra finds The OO-Ray (Ted Laderas) possessed with a new sense of urgency. Recorded over a stressful three years concurrent with his doctoral work in biology, Empty Orchestra is a work that protests the savagery of today while still maintaining that calm and peace can be reached through the turbulence.



Textura Review of Empty Orchestra

It’s an awesome, all-consuming cathedral of sound that merges the raw and the refined: noise dronescaping sweetened with themes of an oft-melancholic and chamber classical-styled nature (see “Vapours” and “Hunting Song” as excellent illustrations of the style).

Portland Mercury Review of Empty Orchestra

The songs are built with the same unyielding, enveloping spirit as William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops. They are big, swarming MIDI productions that don’t let you escape from the sound. It’s like standing in the middle of an orchestra as it works out a slowly dripping rewrite that stretches out the opening chords of Also Sprach Zarathustra to epic lengths.

Acts of Silence Review of Empty Orchestra

There has always been a predictability of ambient music that leans toward the boring, however Laderas eschews his music from the pedantic and anticipative hooks of the genre. It is as if liquid sound pours out of your headphones when listening to Empty Orchestra.

KZSU review of Empty Orchestra

Big beautiful fuzzy dramatic cello drone. Created while finishing The OO-Ray’s PhD in Biology, Empty Orchestra protests the savagery of today while maintaining that calm and peace can be reached through turbulence. This really tugged at my heartstrings and not only because I’m about to defend my own dissertation. Wow.